RIESENHEMD and the summer fashion

How can you combine our RIESENHEMD with the current men’s fashion as a big man? Read our blog article!

The warm days are approaching, and Corona is adding to our desire to be and live outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, while being stylishly dressed. But what does it actually mean to have a good style?

Being dressed in style is much more than following the latest fashion trends. A person’s character, personality, values, charisma and clothing – when all this is in harmony, people simply radiate satisfaction and self-confidence. 

But many people also have the desire to follow the latest fashion trends. Of course, this also applies to tall men, although here the choice of clothing is often somewhat smaller.

Below you will find a few tips on how you, as a tall man, can combine the shirts of RIESENHEMD Hamburg well with the trends of the summer:

Pastel colors remain in

Pastel colors remain in for pants, suits and jackets. Here, in our opinion, calmer shirts are a good contrast.

For example, you can wonderfully combine a light blue Bermuda with our white summer shirt Athens. Or you can combine a light pink suit (yes, it’s in now!) with our white shirt London.

If you want to wear the pastel colors in the shirt, then we recommend our shirts Monaco, Vienna and Madrid with their beautiful light blue or light pink stripes. These look great with dark blue jeans. Our shirt Prague, in an elegant casual light gray, is a real eye-catcher.

RIESENHEMD - casual shirts

Enjoy the summer in our shirt Madrid

Highly elegant clothing again strongly on the rise

Another trend is “dress for success”, that is, deliberately put on really high-quality and at the same time formal clothes. This includes shirts with double cuffs, which you wear with elegant cufflinks. Why not try our elegant Paris, Athens, Brussels and Rome shirts with a blazer or beautiful linen suit.

Of course, you can wear t-shirts, polo shirts and sportswear from time to time – but stylish men know that shirts are an essential part of a classic modern wardrobe. 

Less is more

White and blue shirts made of beautiful fabrics are discreet, can be combined in many ways, but are still real eye-catchers – under the motto “less is more” – by the way, one of the top tips in our article “7 Fashion Tips for Tall Men”.

Our white shirt London or the blue shirts Zurich and Brussels fit to cloth pants in the office as well as to dark jeans or to chinos – restrained-elegant, that is especially advantageous for tall men.

This is not to say that you now have to wear only white and light blue shirts – on the contrary, even something flashy shirts that bring your own taste and personality to the fore, should not be missing in their wardrobe. Our shirts Berlin, Oslo, Lisbon, Prague and Stockholm are shirts with that certain something, real eye-catchers with their great fabrics and designs.

RIESENHEMD - great shirts for big men

Relaxed through the summer in our shirt Athens

Last but not least: well-groomed and sustainable

Stylish people know what they really like to wear, what looks good on them and only wear clothes that are also in good condition. Therefore, they regularly reorganize their wardrobe and clean out clothes to which these points no longer apply. 

This is true in general, but also for shirts, because even the highest quality shirts show signs of wear after some time. If you haven’t cleaned out your closet yet this year, we recommend our article: Spring cleaning in the closet

But this does not mean that you should quickly throw away shirts after wearing them a few times. Sustainability is also an important trend this year. When you buy new clothes: Look for good workmanship (then the piece will last longer), natural materials, fair production conditions. We at RIESENHEMD Hamburg find these points very important, and produce our shirts according to these principles. 

More fashion tips for tall men can be found here: 7 Fashion Tips for Tall Men

Have fun in fashion summer

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