History of our company

RIESENHEMD Hamburg has actually existed for at least 20 years – at least in the minds of the company’s founders.

Because when Dirk Lammerskötter, at 1.97 meters, wanted to buy the first shirts that looked like a little more, he was saddened to discover that many of the shirts he thought were cool in design were unfortunately far too short at the sleeves. Every once in a while the arm length would fit, but then the shirt was usually way too wide. “There must be a gap in the market here,” thought Dirk Lammerskötter, and his wife Rosario Lammerskötter agreed with him: “Chic shirts with extra length, but with a normal fit, i.e. not too wide – that must be something that can be sold…”

But it took until 2017 when the two took the step and founded their own company, Lammerskötter GmbH. The brand RIESENHEMD Hamburg was created, the webshop was prepared, and the designs of the shirts were created – but most of all, they were looking for a manufacturer who could implement the requirements of the founders (“in Europe”, “family business”, “great fabrics”, “high craftsmanship tailoring”).

In the end, the two founders chose a company in Spain with a long tradition and where father and son run the business. This company now produces the shirts for Riesenhemd Hamburg.

In 2018, the webshop was then opened. The two founders hope that the shirts will be worn enthusiastically by their buyers – and that the arm length is right…

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Shirts for tall men

Exquisite fabrics & with extra long sleeves (72 cm)