Production our shirts

Production our shirts

Slow Fashion

When you buy a RIESENHEMD, you buy a high quality and therefore durable product, made under fair working conditions, which we hope you will enjoy for many years. We support the principles of the Slow Fashion movement.

Made in Spain

Our shirts are made according to our ideas and designs in the heart of Spain. The manufacturer working for us is a family business, now in its second generation, specialized in producing high quality men’s shirts. We are happy to have a partner who shares our view of quality and labor standards.

High quality fabrics

The fabrics are also made in Spain, and from European cotton – so we avoid unnecessarily long transport routes. We deliberately chose natural fiber because we think that synthetic fabrics such as polyester are not really comfortable for shirts – you sweat more easily and the fabric does not feel so good on the skin.


Did you know that a shirt has circa 20 different parts, such as the collar, the front and back, the sleeves and the cuff. And that the production of shirts is in many respects still strongly handmade.

All our shirts have these quality features: the shirts have a stitch density of eight stitches per one centimeter, so your shirt will last longer. At the armhole, our shirts are sewn twice, and the yoke is made of double fabric.

How to make a RIESENHEMD

In the following pictures you will get a little impression of how your RIESENHEMD was created and manufactured – rest assured, there is a lot of heart and attention to detail in our production, and you buy a beautiful product!

Shirts for tall men

Exquisite fabrics & with extra long sleeves (72 cm)