From the idea to the company foundation

RIESENHEMD Hamburg has actually existed for at least 20 years – at least in our minds. The idea came from my own need – because when I started working and looking for chic shirts, I found that for my size (1.97 meters, slim) the offer was very limited. Either the sleeves were too short, or the sleeves fit, but the shirt was much too wide.

But before my wife and I gathered our courage and got the “giant shirt” project off the ground, there was still a lot of water flowing down the Elbe.

But now we have created a company and defined our requirements, how we want to produce shirts. Now we have to find a producer, define the design details, design the logo, design the webshop…. It’s exciting!

The history of our company

Shirts for tall men

Exquisite fabrics & with extra long sleeves (72 cm)