About RIESENHEMD Hamburg

As a tall man, you probably know the problem – you find a nice shirt, but it’s either too short at the sleeves, or cut much too wide in the XXL version.

I am 1.97 meters / 6’5” tall, and so it happened to me once again: I had just tried on a shirt made out of a really great fabric – but it was just too short at the sleeves despite the label “extra long sleeve”. That was the impetus for my wife and I to say – let’s start a company that exclusively makes shirts for tall men.

Shirts that really fit well, for men over 1.90 meters, made of high quality fabrics, carefully and sustainably manufactured, modern but at the same time timeless – in short, shirts in which tall men feel really well dressed. And at a fair price.

Now RIESENHEMD Hamburg has been on the market for a good 4 years, and we are proud of our collection and grateful for the many positive feedbacks our small family business has received.

We follow our principles – we design each shirt with attention to detail, and we feel that sustainability is important: our shirts are made of high quality fabrics that last a long time. We use only 100% European cotton. The production is done in Europe, in Spain. All our fabrics are certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. We are supporters of the Slow Fashion movement.

We donate a portion of our profits to charitable causes. More information on our history, sustainability and social commitment.

We want to improve RIESENHEMD Hamburg – a little bit, day by day. Because our goal is clear: to sell the best shirts for tall men in the world.

RIESENHEMD Hamburg - founders

Rosario Then de Lammerskötter and Dirk Lammerskötter
Founders of RIESENHEMD Hamburg


Shirts for tall men

Exquisite fabrics & with extra long sleeves (72 cm)