Casual Shirts for Tall Men

You are very tall, normal-slim and want a well-fitting casual shirt made of a great fabric with extra long sleeves? Then you’ve come to the right place! All our casual shirts have extra-long sleeves (72 cm) and are cut longer. … More promenade, beach … We offer two fits, Modern Fit Long (slightly fitted) and [...] read more

RIESENHEMD – Slim Fit Long

Slim Fit Long is designed for long men with a very slim figure. The “Slim Fit Long” shirt has two smaller darts at the back, which ensures that the shirt fits closer to the body. This cut is therefore ideal for very slim, tall men who like to wear their shirts fitted and close to [...] read more

RIESENHEMD – Modern Fit Long

Modern Fit Long is designed for long men with a “normal slim” figure. The “Modern Fit Long” shirt has two smaller pleats at the back, which provides more freedom of movement in the shoulders. The shirt is also cut a little wider at the stomach, for the “winter flab”. Ideal for normal-slim men who prefer [...] read more

From the idea to the company foundation

RIESENHEMD Hamburg has actually existed for at least 20 years – at least in our minds. The idea came from my own need – because when I started working and looking for chic shirts, I found that for my size (1.97 meters, slim) the offer was very limited. Either the sleeves were too short, or [...] read more

Logo RIESENHEMD Hamburg designed

After a lot of trial and error and fine tuning, our logo RIESENHEMD Hamburg is ready. We find it modern, powerful, and yet also a little playful. A big thank you to our designer, Mrs. Gabrielle Wilhelmi, who has worked again and again with new ideas and with patience on the logo Riesenhemd Hamburg. RIESENHEMD [...] read more

Design finalized, fabrics selected…

After RIESENHEMD had selected producers, it was now a matter of finalizing the design of the men’s shirts in extra length and selecting the fabrics. A shirt is a shirt, you think? No, quite wrong! Did you know that a shirt has about 20 different parts, such as the collar, the front and back, the [...] read more

100% cotton overlength shirts

RIESENHEMD Hamburg is a family business and produces exclusively shirts in overlength. All our fabrics are 100% European cotton and OEKO-TEX® certified. 100% European cotton Cotton is the most used natural fiber for men’s shirts, and not without reason: shirts made of cotton are breathable and guarantee a high wearing comfort. But not all cotton [...] read more

Three years on the market – thank you

It has now been three years that RIESENHEMD Hamburg has been on the market with its small but fine collection of men’s shirts for tall men. And we are proud that our shirts in extra length and with their 72 cm arm length are obviously well received by the target group of men over 1.90 [...] read more

RIESENHEMD expands its collection

RIESENHEMD expands its collection with three new models. As usual designed for tall men, with extra long sleeves and in extra long. In Slim Fit Long and Modern Fit Long. We asked our customers in which direction the collection should be expanded – and the numerous feedbacks were inspiration for our three new models. The [...] read more