Casual Shirts for Tall Men

You are very tall, normal-slim and want a well-fitting casual shirt made of a great fabric with extra long sleeves? Then you’ve come to the right place! All our casual shirts have extra-long sleeves (72 cm) and are cut longer. … More promenade, beach … We offer two fits, Modern Fit Long (slightly fitted) and [...] read more

Great shirts in extra length looking for new home!

RIESENHEMD Hamburg is a family business and produces exclusively shirts in overlength.  After many months of work, we proudly present our first collection of men’s shirts in extra length. All our shirts are extra long sleeved (72cm), slightly waisted, and feature an extra long torso. Our classic modern design with many well thought-out details make [...] read more

Tall men and clothing sizes

Living on the edge of clothing sizes You are a man and taller than 1.90 meters or a woman and taller than 1.75 meters, then you are on the edge of modern clothing sizes. Shopping for suitable clothes then often becomes exhausting… Of course, you can always opt for made-to-measure – but this is correspondingly [...] read more

Shirts extra long sleeve – but how long exactly?

Shirts extra long sleeve. Long men know the problem – buying clothes that look good and fit at the same time often becomes a challenge (see also our article “Tall men and clothing sizes”). Especially when buying shirts, the problem often quickly becomes “obvious” – the shirt is too short on the body, but above [...] read more

RIESENHEMD FITS: Modern Fit Long and Slim Fit Long

RIESENHEMD Hamburg offers shirts in overlength, designed for tall men, with extra long sleeves (72 cm). Our shirts are available in two fits, “Modern Fit Long” and “Slim Fit Long”. But what is Modern Fit Long and Slim Fit Long and how do these fits differ from other cuts? Anyone looking to buy an extra-long [...] read more

Hamburger Abendblatt reports about RIESENHEMD

We are very pleased that the Hamburger Abendblatt reported so positively about RIESENHEMD Hamburg in its business section at the end of March. The preceding conversations with the editor as well as the photo shoot were a great experience and a great change to our daily work. The many nice feedbacks after the publication in [...] read more

New shirts overlength

RIESENHEMD expands its collection. We are very proud – four great new shirts in extra length complete our collection! The Stockholm, Lisbon, Rome and Athens models are now available in our store and bring further variety to our range. These new models also feature a fresh, classic-modern design with many well thought-out details. The new [...] read more

7 fashion tips for tall men

Every man wants to feel well dressed. Today, everything seems to be allowed, and no more fixed style guidelines. But still – there are a few timeless tips on how a man should dress to make an elegant and at the same time modern impression. At the same time, there are a few peculiarities that [...] read more