7 fashion tips for tall men

Every man wants to feel well dressed. Today, everything seems to be allowed, and no more fixed style guidelines. But still – there are a few timeless tips on how a man should dress to make an elegant and at the same time modern impression. At the same time, there are a few peculiarities that long men should pay attention to, and which we, as a manufacturer of shirts for tall men, naturally want to pay special attention to.

The following suggestions follow more of a classic style, but in the end, your own personality should always factor into the way you dress. Thus, these tips can only be well-intentioned suggestions. Try out how you feel with it as a big man and ask your environment what suits you….

Tip 1: Less is often more – especially for tall men

For men, restraint in fashion often pays off. This is especially true for tall men, who stand out simply because of their height. If you combine the body size with screaming color combinations or extravagant clothes, then the first impression is but very gimmicky – this should really be well considered.

The fact that less is often more can already be seen with jeans – a dark blue, not too loose-fitting jean suits most men much better than washed-out or frayed models. And as a combination, a classic monochrome polo shirt or T-shirt is often better than wildly printed or labeled variants.

Fashion changes very quickly, and every season has the latest craze. But often you look much more contemporary and stylish in classic, rather quiet combinations, than in the fashion that seems to be en vogue at the moment. And especially the latest trends are already “out” again in the coming season – so it’s worth putting your money rather first in the classics, with which you are well dressed for years. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a fashionable piece of clothing every now and then – if it really suits you and you can cope with not wearing it again next year.

Tip 2: Eyes open when buying a suit

If you wear a well-fitting suit, you’ve already won on first impression. A simple model made of a dark, good fabric, single-breasted, two or three buttons in the lapel – with this you almost always do everything right.

And even if it sounds boring – navy blue, light and dark gray in combination with white or light blue shirts – if the cut fits, man comes along with this very timeless-elegant – which of course does not mean that colored shirts can not also look good with a suit.

When trying on a suit, make sure that it fits really well, especially at the shoulders. Changes to the chest, waist and sleeves are relatively easy to make afterwards by a tailor, but changing the shoulder area is very time-consuming.

Tall men should make sure that the jacket does not look too powerful – rather something tighter at the waist works well for tall men, so that the jacket does not look like a square of fabric – otherwise this easily looks very stifling on tall men. A 3-button lapel, on the other hand, shortens the appearance – so this can be worn well by tall men. But a classic 2-button lapel also looks good on most tall men.

Tall men, on the other hand, should be careful with vertical stripes on their suits – as nice as a pinstripe suit is, it makes you look even longer than you already are on tall men – unless the stripes are very subtle.

When choosing fabric, it often suits tall men quite well if the fabrics have a small pattern – herringbone or other fine patterns break up the otherwise large fabric areas and thus look less powerful on tall men than purely smooth fabrics.

Suit with pattern

Although single-breasted suits are more classic and modern, tall men can also afford a suit with a double-breasted jacket – if this rather old-fashioned cut can be stylishly worn by anyone, it’s a tall man.

In addition, tall men can also wear another rather old-fashioned garment – a vest. This looks very elegant on long bodies.

And of course, as a tall man, you should make sure that the suit is cut long enough – especially at the legs and sleeves, the suit should not be too short for tall people, because otherwise it will look like it has shrunk on the body of a tall man, who will then look very lanky. Fortunately, changing sleeves and legs to the right length is an easy task for a tailor. Make sure the pants length is just slightly above the shoe instep at the front – if it’s too long, the pants will bulge at the bottom when you stand.

Tip 3: The smart casual look for the office is not that difficult

Not only on Casual Friday, but also more and more on the other days, the dress code is no longer suit – but “smart casual”. But here there is often uncertainty – what should you wear to still leave a well-groomed impression?

Very good always looks the combination of a monochrome, not too wide pants (whether made of a woolen fabric, cotton or jeans) with a color contrasting, but also monochrome sweater.

Tall men often look better in sweaters with round collars than models with V-collars – because these make a longer neck – which usually does not look so nice on long-grown men.

Under the sweater you then wear a rather classic shirt – and ready is the perfect smart casual look. The shirt doesn’t have to be monochrome, but can also be discreetly striped or checkered – only too screaming patterns should be avoided.

If one has then “for emergencies” also a dark blue blazer ready in the office, one can perceive with this casual look (if necessary without sweater) also at short notice almost every meeting and is nevertheless elegantly dressed.

Tip 4: A nice dress shirt makes a difference – if it is long enough

Men’s shirts made of beautiful, high quality fabrics, carefully processed – with it a man makes a good impression. Tall men should naturally make sure that the shirt is sufficiently long – both the sleeves and the length of the body. A shirt that hangs half out of the pants because it is not long enough should not be worn. Great men’s shirts with extra length can be found with us – RIESENHEMD Hamburg specializes in shirts for large men.

Also make sure that the shirt is nicely ironed. Especially for special occasions, ironing by hand is often appropriate – because the shirt then simply looks better than purely ironed by machine from the dry cleaner. Tips on ironing shirts can also be found in our blog article: Ironing and storing shirts correctly.

Since shirts play a big role with both a suit and a smart casual look – invest in nice shirts. And if you still want or need to wear a tie – make sure that the combination of suit, tie and shirt matches in color. Less is more, avoid “screaming” color combinations – which also applies to the tie itself. Tall men, by the way, can wear slightly wider ties because of their size (although the thinner ties are more in fashion right now). And a wide knot (Windsor type) also suits a tall man very well.

Tip 5: Do not neglect the footwear and belts

Many men forget that the shoes are an important part of the appearance. Therefore, the shoes should be, above all, neat and clean. Of course, high-quality men’s shoes made of fine leather look very good with suits – but also sneakers, docksides or loafers have their justification and can be combined very well with the respective clothing, depending on the situation.

Tall men should make sure to wear belts instead of suspenders – this visually divides the long body a bit and supports the break between the shirt and pants.

Ideally, shoes and belts are matched in color and material.

Tip 6: Many small details support the stylish overall impression

There are many small details that man should not neglect if you value a cool, stylish overall look, regardless of the size.

First of all, something self-evident – make sure your clothes are clean and intact – holes, worn shirt collars, batty sleeves and stains reflect badly on the wearer.

When wearing tie – the length must be correct. Even for long-grown men, the tip of the tie should always slightly cover the belt buckle. Also make sure that the button placket of the shirt goes straight down into the pants – if the shirt is “warped” to the left or right, this looks extremely unfortunate.

A well-groomed appearance, on the other hand, always leaves a good impression. Clean and well-groomed hands, a neat haircut, this is quite noticeable to fellow men. And: A man should be discreet but well richen. Find a perfume that you like and use it daily (but in moderation).

Tip 7: Kindness and a smile – it suits any man, regardless of size.

In our opinion, all these tips contribute to an elegant appearance. If you combine this with friendliness and a smile – then you will be remembered positively by those around you for a long time!

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