Shirts extra long sleeve – but how long exactly?

Shirts extra long sleeve. Long men know the problem – buying clothes that look good and fit at the same time often becomes a challenge (see also our article “Tall men and clothing sizes”).

Especially when buying shirts, the problem often quickly becomes “obvious” – the shirt is too short on the body, but above all, the sleeves are often not long enough for standard size shirts. In standard sizes, the arm length is usually 64 cm or 65 cm, depending on the manufacturer – much too little for large men.

But fortunately, there are shirts with extra long sleeves. But unfortunately, even with extra long sleeve there are many differences – because what exactly is meant by “extra long sleeve” in shirts?

If you go shopping in fashion stores for men’s shirts, there is often a small section with “shirts with extra long sleeves”. For most manufacturers, this means that they offer shirts with a sleeve length of 68 cm, sometimes it is 69 cm. If you need a sleeve length of 72 cm, then it quickly becomes very difficult in stores for the most part. And honestly – if you are over 1.90 meters, you should actually always buy a sleeve length of 72 cm – because a shirt should, after all, with loosely hanging down arms reach to the base of the thumb or peek out a good centimeter under the jacket.

Also online you should look carefully when buying a shirt with extra long sleeves: A look at the size chart helps to determine the exact sleeve length. Sometimes the term super extra long sleeve is also used when shirts with sleeve length of 72 cm are meant.

A few great shirts with 72 cm sleeve length from RIESENHEMD

RIESENHEMD Hamburg sells only shirts with super extra long sleeves (72 cm) in collar sizes 39-46.

And of course, our shirts are also cut longer at the torso than standard shirts. Our torso length is always 85 cm long – and in our London, Paris, Brussels,  Rome and Zurich business shirts, the shirts are even 95 cm long at the back, so that they always stay securely tucked into the suit trousers. Modern fit in extra length!

Shirts for tall men

Exquisite fabrics & with extra long sleeves (72 cm)