How can you recognize a high quality shirt?

A good shirt is the result of several factors: the use of high quality fabrics, an appealing design, a good fit, excellent workmanship and of course sustainable production. RIESENHEMD Hamburg produces high-quality shirts for fashion-conscious big men.

The use of high quality materials:

Tolles Hemd für grosse Herren mit extra langem Arm 72 cm und Überlänge von RIESENHEMD

High quality fabrics for shirts are usually made almost exclusively from natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, silk or linen. The length of the fiber also plays a role: the longer the fiber, the stronger and more tear-resistant the yarn and ultimately the fabric. There are different weaves, which have an influence on the heaviness of the fabric (weight per unit area g/m2, also called grammage). Fabrics with a higher grammage are heavier, more stable, denser and warmer.

All shirts from RIESENHEMD Hamburg are made of 100% European cotton, we offer shirts with different weaves, like poplin (shirt Berlin and Oslo, Oxford (shirt Vienna and Madrid) fil á fil (shirt London, Paris) and Herringbone Twill (Zurich). For each of our shirts, the material, weave and grammage of the fabrics are described in detail.

An appealing design:

Did you know that a shirt has about 20 different parts, such as the collar, the front and back, the sleeves and the cuff. How these parts harmonize together determines the design, which varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

All shirts from RIESENHEMD Hamburg have a collar that combines well with and without ties. Some of our collars have removable collar stays that keep the collar in shape. All sleeves have a button above the cuff that prevents the shirt from unattractively opening up over the arm. The cuffs themselves have two buttons placed in parallel, which can be used to vary the width of the cuffs (for example, to wear the shirt with or without a watch). Also, all our shirts can be closed with cufflinks in addition to the sewn-on buttons. Our shirts deliberately do not have a breast pocket or collar buttons.

In our Zurich, Paris and London shirts, the torso at the back (i.e. the back) is extra long so that the shirt still sits well in the pants even after a long day at the office. Our Paris shirt looks very elegant with a turn-up cuff and a French button placket and is also excellent for special occasions. The Berlin and Oslo shirts have a patch button placket and a second, color-coordinated fabric on the inside of the collar and cuff that harmonizes very well with the main fabric of the shirt.

A good fit:

Shirt extra long sleeve 72 extra long RIESENHEMD Hamburg Model Athen-4

A quality shirt should fit well on the body, not too wide, not too tight, not too long or not too short. The shirt sits ideally on the body when it fits the chest without the fabric stretching too much. The length of the shirt is sufficient if it does not slip out of the back or sides of the pants.

The sleeve length is correct when the cuffs sit between the end of the thumb and the wrist with the arm hanging straight down. When wearing a jacket, the shirt cuff should extend at least one centimeter below it.

The collar size is correct when two fingers still fit loosely between the shirt collar and neck with the buttons closed. 100% cotton shirts should be bought slightly larger, because the shirt reaches its final size only after the 4th or 5th wash.

RIESENHEMD Hamburg produces shirts for tall men from 1.90 meters. We offer two fits, SLIM FIT LONG and MODERN FIT LONG. Our Slim Fit shirts fit tall, very slim men, are accordingly more fitted and have a narrower cut overall. Our Modern Fit shirts are also waisted, but slightly wider than the Slim Fit models – for the “normal slim” man. All shirts from RIESENHEMD Hamburg have an arm length of 72cm. We produce in collar sizes from 39 to 43 (Slim Fit) or 41 to 44 (Modern Fit). You can see an overview of our clothing sizes here.

A high quality finish:

The more stitches a seam has, the more durable the shirt. Eight stitches to a centimeter is the standard for a good shirt. In high quality shirts, the armhole is sewn twice. The shoulder yoke (the part that covers the shoulders), is often sewn separately and with double fabric on high quality shirts.

All shirts from RIESENHEMD Hamburg have these quality features: the shirts have a stitch density of eight stitches per one centimeter, so your shirt will last longer. At the armhole our shirts are sewn twice and the yoke is made of double fabric.


Producing sustainably is not easy. You have to think about nature and its impact through the use of pesticides and carbon dioxide, but also about the resources you use, like water and electricity. And the social standards of the people involved in the production of the shirt.

We at RIESENHEMD Hamburg are aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and therefore support the slow fashion movement. We focus on quality instead of quantity. For this reason we have also decided to produce our shirts in Europe in order to comply with European environmental and social standards. All our shirts are produced in Spain. All fabrics used by RIESENHEMD Hamburg are made of 100% European cotton and meet the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. The Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex is the most widely used label for textiles tested for harmful substances worldwide.

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