Dressing environmentally conscious and sustainable – with RIESENHEMD Hamburg

Sustainably manufactured shirts. As in many other areas of life, environmental awareness and sustainability are gaining importance in the fashion industry. We all own significantly more clothing these days than we used to, and the clothes we buy are often only worn a few times and then quickly sorted out or thrown away. Thus, the fashion industry is also complicit in wasting unnecessary resources and further polluting the environment. Not to mention the sometimes precarious production conditions, low wages in foreign countries and long transport routes. RIESENHEMD Hamburg offers exclusive and at the same time sustainably produced shirts.

Classic modern design

As a manufacturer, we at RIESENHEMD Hamburg try to make our contribution to sustainability. That is why we offer you a deliberately limited collection of high-quality, classic-modern shirts for tall men from 1.90 meters, which you can combine wonderfully and wear with different styles. It is important to us that our shirts are versatile and can therefore be worn often. 

You can wear RIESENHEMD shirts on their own or combine them with sweaters, jackets and a wide variety of suits. Our models go well with jeans, chinos and cloth pants. In summer you can wear our shirts open and with the sleeves rolled up. In winter with a vest, jacket and coat. On our Pinterest page you can get inspiration on how to combine shirts in different ways, suitable for any season, occasion or lifestyle.

High quality

So that RIESENHEMD shirts last as long as possible and can be worn often by you, we try very hard to produce our shirts in high quality. We pay attention to this both in the selection of materials used and in the processing. We thus follow the approach of the slow fashion movement of the fashion industry. 

Production in Europe

Also, we have deliberately chosen to produce in Europe with fabrics made here. RIESENHEMD shirts are made in Spain according to the European environmental and social standards. Our producer is a second generation family business. We bring the added value back to Europe.

We deliberately avoid chemicals in all RIESENHEMD shirts that make the fabric wrinkle-resistant. All our fabrics (100% cotton) are tested and certified for harmful substances according to the strict “OEKO-TEX® – STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX” procedure.

And much more …

Where possible, we use different recycled materials in our packaging. For example, both the plastic of the envelope and the cardboard are 100% recycled. We are looking for more ways to reduce our packaging materials as much as possible and are open to innovative ideas.

As consumers, we make it a point to set accents for more sustainability when choosing our clothing. On the one hand, by making a conscious choice about which items of clothing we buy, and on the other hand, by taking good care of them so that they last as long as possible. And if we no longer like a piece of clothing, we give it away, recycle it, or use the fabric for other pieces – because we believe that clothing doesn’t belong in the trash!

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If you wear a shirt from RIESENHEMD Hamburg, you can be proud – you have purchased a high-quality garment, and with your purchase you have made a small contribution to more sustainability in the fashion industry.

Shirts for tall men

Exquisite fabrics & with extra long sleeves (72 cm)