Casual Shirts for Tall Men

You are very tall, normal-slim and want a well-fitting casual shirt made of a great fabric with extra long sleeves? Then you’ve come to the right place! All our casual shirts have extra-long sleeves (72 cm) and are cut longer. … More promenade, beach … We offer two fits, Modern Fit Long (slightly fitted) and [...] read more

RIESENHEMD – Slim Fit Long

Slim Fit Long is designed for long men with a very slim figure. The “Slim Fit Long” shirt has two smaller darts at the back, which ensures that the shirt fits closer to the body. This cut is therefore ideal for very slim, tall men who like to wear their shirts fitted and close to [...] read more

RIESENHEMD – Modern Fit Long

Modern Fit Long is designed for long men with a “normal slim” figure. The “Modern Fit Long” shirt has two smaller pleats at the back, which provides more freedom of movement in the shoulders. The shirt is also cut a little wider at the stomach, for the “winter flab”. Ideal for normal-slim men who prefer [...] read more

Great shirts in extra length looking for new home!

RIESENHEMD Hamburg is a family business and produces exclusively shirts in overlength.  After many months of work, we proudly present our first collection of men’s shirts in extra length. All our shirts are extra long sleeved (72cm), slightly waisted, and feature an extra long torso. Our classic modern design with many well thought-out details make [...] read more

How can you recognize a high quality shirt?

A good shirt is the result of several factors: the use of high quality fabrics, an appealing design, a good fit, excellent workmanship and of course sustainable production. RIESENHEMD Hamburg produces high-quality shirts for fashion-conscious big men. The use of high quality materials: High quality fabrics for shirts are usually made almost exclusively from natural [...] read more

Wash and dry shirts properly

Shirts are a commodity and wear out. There are many reasons for this – the fabric of the shirt rubs against the skin when worn, for example on the collar, on the beard, or on the arm on a watch. However, the fabric is subjected to particular “stress” when shirts are washed. The first chafing [...] read more

Tips about ironing and storage of men’s shirts

When washing a shirt, the surface becomes rough due to the loosening of fibers from the fabric and the shirt becomes wrinkled. Fortunately, you can iron shirts, because by using heat and moisture, the shirt becomes smooth and presentable to wear again. But how do you iron well and efficiently (after all, ironing is only [...] read more

Spring cleaning in the closet

Correctly sort out shirts Maintaining a good wardrobe involves sorting out at least once a year what no longer fits and pleases us. This is the only way to make room for something new. A cluttered closet is not in keeping with the times – it’s enough to keep only what you like to wear, [...] read more