How do I find a shirt that fits well as a tall man?

Shirts for tall men plus size. In Germany live about 3.2 million men who are taller than 1.90 meters. Are you one of them? Then you may also know the difficulty of finding suitable clothing. Especially for shirts the market is very limited. Producers focus on the average height, and that is 178 cm for German men. The vast majority of shirts therefore have a length in the range of 75 cm – 80 cm and a sleeve length of 64 cm – 66 cm. But the “average shirt” does not fit the tall man.

A good fit is important

The right fit enormously important for the good appearance of a garment. What good is a great fabric and a cool design if the shirt doesn’t fit? Walking around with sleeves that are too short simply looks unfortunate – and you don’t feel comfortable as the wearer. Or if the shirt keeps slipping out of your pants because it’s too short…

How can I tell if a shirt doesn’t fit right? 

  • If the button opens at the chest or stomach, the shirt is too tight
  • If the shirt comes out of the pants when bending, the shirt is too short
  • If you can not move the sleeves well, the shirt is too tight
  • If you can’t see the cuff of the shirt when wearing a jacket, the sleeves are too short (or the jacket too long)
  • If you look like a potato sack, the shirt is too wide

The supply of shirts for tall men in stores is limited

But where to find the right oversized shirt? In the local men’s outfitter or department store, you may be lucky to find a corner with shirts with extra-long sleeves – but usually only in white and light blue. And often “extra-long” then means 68 cm sleeve length – not the possibly needed 72 cm or more.

If you are lucky, you can find (mostly in larger cities) one or the other specialty store that specializes in larger men. Unfortunately, however, the focus is often on “big and strong”, with the XXXL sizes. For slim tall men, the shirts here also do not sit – the sleeve length is correct, but the shirt is otherwise cut much too wide.

The choice of shirts with extra long sleeves when shopping online is large, but confusing

Fortunately, the selection of shirts for large men increases significantly when shopping online. But beware – the intuitive search terms like: “shirt extra long sleeve”, “shirt in extra length”, “shirts in oversize”, “shirt extra long”, “shirt extra long back” are too inaccurate – here you get shirts in different sizes and cuts presented as a result; shirts of different fit (eg slim fit, modern fit, comfort fit) with different arm length (68, 69, 70, 72 or 75 cm). It takes time and effort to find the right size and manufacturer. This results in incorrect purchases with corresponding costs.

Use exact search terms and know your size

To find a really well-fitting shirt, use the most accurate search terms possible when shopping online, such as “men’s shirts extra long sleeve 72 cm”, “shirt slim fit arm length 72 cm” or even “black shirt modern fit 72cm sleeve length”.

Then pay attention to the size tables for the shirts displayed – because each manufacturer has its own measurements for its fits. For this, of course, it is essential that you know your exact measurements. However, many men just know your collar size – but your own size at the chest, waist, torso and arm length are also important. Because only in this way you can start with the information in the size tables of the manufacturers something.

How to measure correctly – a quick guide

Here in a nutshell; for detailed instructions on how to measure, see also our sizing guide

  • Collar size: Measure once around the neck at the level of the Adam’s apple and add 1 cm.
  • Chest size: Measure once around the body at nipple level and add 2-4 centimeters (depending on how tight you like your shirt).
  • Waist / abdominal circumference: Measure once around the body at the level of the navel and add 4-8 centimeters as “air to breathe”.
  • Shirt length: measure from the base of the neck at the spine to the beginning of the pants and then add 10 cm (if you want to wear the shirt over the pants) or 15-20 cm (wearing in the pants)
  • Sleeve length: With bent arm, measure from end of shoulder over elbow to wrist bone. Or measure in the same way with a straight arm, but then add 2 cm.

Or you can simply measure your favorite shirt.

Try shirts from RIESENHEMD Hamburg – the specialist for shirts for long grown men

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