Hamburger Abendblatt reports about RIESENHEMD

We are very pleased that the Hamburger Abendblatt reported so positively about RIESENHEMD Hamburg in its business section at the end of March. The preceding conversations with the editor as well as the photo shoot were a great experience and a great change to our daily work.

The many nice feedbacks after the publication in the Hamburger Abendblatt are an incentive for us to improve RIESENHEMD Hamburg a little bit every day. As already reported in the article, we have designed more shirts and thus expand our collection. We will be able to offer the shirts for the summer.

Enclosed is the article as a picture and below also as a PDF :

Hamburger Abendblatt - Article RIESENHEMD Hamburg

Shirts for tall men

Exquisite fabrics & with extra long sleeves (72 cm)