Give RIESENHEMD as a gift & make tall men happy

Gifts for tall men. Make tall men a special treat for Christmas. With one of our great shirts or a gift voucher from us, you will be way ahead on the festive day. RIESEMHEMD Hamburg manufactures high quality shirts for tall men – classic modern designs, high quality fabrics, and a cut specially designed for tall men with extra long sleeves (72cm). The perfect Christmas gift for men over 1.90 meters.

RIESENHEMD - give away

Gifts for tall men are not easy to find. At the latest at Christmas time, but also for birthdays, the problem of big men to find suitable products also affects those who want to please tall men and are looking for a “suitable” gift for big men.

But we have a tip: RIESENHEMD Hamburg has designed a very nice collection of fine shirts for the long grown man. In our collection you will find a variety of models beyond the classic white and light blue business shirts. High quality shirts in classic modern design, made of 100% cotton, produced in Europe. Made for tall men, with 72 cm arm length and an overall longer cut. Here is the link to our current collection.

We are still a young company and offer exclusive shirts in the fit “Modern Fit Long” and “Slim Fit Long”. For tall men with normal / slightly slim figure. The is exact size chart can be found here: Size chart.

If you decide to buy a shirt in our store and it does not fit, you can easily return it to us for 30 days and you will benefit from our money back guarantee. 

A gift voucher from RIESENHEMD – every big man is happy about that

Of course, you also have the option to purchase a voucher for one or more shirts from us. Then the presentee can choose the design he likes the most in peace. You can conveniently buy a voucher directly on our site: Voucher for shirts for size men

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We also recommend you to visit our Pinterest page and look at the pinboard “Men’s shirt – gift wrapping”. There you can find inspiration on how to wrap the shirt to be given as a gift in a great way.

Our shirts are designed with attention to detail, made of high quality fabrics, 100% European cotton, carefully processed. The result is a product that sustainably combines man and nature, a special product for special people.

We wish you a lot of joy when you give it as a gift!

Shirts for tall men

Exquisite fabrics & with extra long sleeves (72 cm)